Ribbed Smoked Sheet or RSS 

RSS is widely used in many industries, especially tyre business. Unsmoked Sheets are collected from local farmers. The sheets are cleaned and smoked in controlled temperature with technical supervision. The smoked sheets then are classified by visual inspection from well-trained staff into five grades.
To establish acceptable grades for commercial purposes, the International Rubber Quality and Packing Conference has stipulated the grade description and the details are given in the Green Book. Von Bundit offers all RSS grades 1 to 5.

Standard Thai Rubber or STR

STR is a new process of rubber developing from natural rubber to technical specified rubber. It has been introduced in Thailand since 1968. The ability to measure and control the various physical aspects and characteristics of the baled Standard Rubber has brought about a major change in the rubber industry. STR are types of rubber grade which are packed in blocks.
Von Bundit offers STR10, STR20, STR10CV, STR20CV, STR20COMPOUND (SBR and Carbon Black).

TSS8 is production 100% un-smoked sheet using improved STR technology. Its properties are compatible to RSS. Most importantly it is a more consistent material compared to RSS.
Many other advantages of TSS8 also make it a possible cost saving solution as a substitute for RSS.
Concentrated Latex
Latex is collected from rubber trees with controlled care. Latex is rubber material in pure form of collection. It is preserved by added chemicals and centrifuged. We then obtain a concentrated latex of 60% DRC (dry rubber content). Von Bundit offers High Ammonia (HA), Medium Ammonia (MA) and Low Ammonia (LA).