Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Project
Von Bundit Co., Ltd
            Von Bundit Co., Ltd., strongly commit to operate our business based on the responsibility to the society, stakeholders, customers, business partners, community and environment. Moreover, we have the policy to emphasize on CSR as practical guidelines for the managements and employees, of which, comprise 9 elements, as follows:-
1.      Fair business operation:  The company engage our business and also fairly, morally and transparently, legally and to maintain good relationship among the stake holders including individual, government sector and other related businesses, such as the shareholders, business partners, contractual parties, contractor, customer and competitors. We will promote all related parties to fairly treat other businesses based on sustainable operation either in term of sale, purchase and procurement related to the company.
2.      Social responsibility: The company support and promote all related business partners and stakeholders to jointly implement CSR for optimal benefit to the society including also the assessment, inspection, management, and risk management with business partners all the time both inside and outside the organization.
3.      Anti-corruption:  The company operate our business to strongly prevent, observe and continuously comply with anti-corruption and anti-bribery policies, we shall continuously support and supervise the employees, agents, business partners, contractual parties and contractors the awareness of corruption or bribery which may be occurred  by demonstrating our roles of leadership in anti-corruption and anti-bribery.
4.      Respect for Human Right:  To respect company culture, promote surveillance and comply with internal human right measures of organization and activate the compliance with the international standard of human right measures covering all affiliated business of the affiliated companies, business partners to educate human right knowledge and cultivate sense of awareness to observe and comply with the principles of human right.
5.      Fairness Treatment:   The company commit to fairly treat our employees, comply with law, ethical principle, respect to the justice and human right to enhance stability, peace and shall promote opportunity, working growth including also to develop potential and improve living standard of all employees.
6.      Responsibility to the consumer: The company shall offer goods and service with efficiency, building reliability and good relation with the customers both pre-sale and post-sale service, establish backup system and provide sufficient actual and timely information including to educate knowledge supporting decision making to purchase goods and services, to conduct research and development for products and services innovation by emphasizing on the process and activities for social and environmental benefits.

7.   Environment preservation:  The company effectively support and promote tangible 
environmental management with awareness to the value of resources for optimal benefit including to determine pollution preventive measures for all employees and community.
8.   Community and social development:  The company promote social and community co-development with the aim to build community participation, promote and support local cultural and ethical education, generate employment and skill development and prevent threaten to the health and promote well-being.
9.   Innovation and dissemination: The company shall innovate new and valuable product leading to positive change which shall result better change to business, society, culture and environment to increase the productivity or value of natural rubber in Thailand for sustainable wealth to the economic, society and environment.
This policy is to make sure that, the managements and all employees should conduct themselves as the good model, understand and perform in order to achieve the prescribed objectives as this shall come into effect since 1 August 2014 onwards.
(Dr. Pongsak Kerdvongbundit)
Managing Director
Von Bundit Co., Ltd.